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We’re off to NZ…

Join us as we travel New Zealand’s South Island. Meet fun and enjoyable ‘yarnists’ from all over the country, maybe even the world. Visit shops, factories and more. Be part of ‘pushing the boundary’ workshops, meet incredible local artists and spend time creating, chatting and simply enjoying NZ.

Our Story

The team at Creative Incentives hosts bespoke experiences aimed at travellers with a love for all things fibre. Embarking on exciting journeys from farm gate to yarn production and all the lovelies in between – including tours to alpaca, sheep and angora farms, shops, dye houses, mills, spinning houses, oh and lets visit a few shops!

When asked to put together an experience in New Zealand, our little office changed overnight. Twenty Four hours is all it took for some of the most sought after suppliers in NZ to jump at the opportunity to be part of bringing like minded individuals together and showcasing what NZ has to offer. That was mid 2015, fast forward to end of 2016, we have had the privilege of taking lovely groups to Ireland, NZ and Victoria. And in 2017 we are heading back to Ireland, Victoria & NZ, and currently working on Fiji, Vietnam, Tasmania, and Sydney…

There’s always new things to learn when working with wool, cotton, silk and all fibres and we have sourced some of the most talented fibre artists around the world in stunning locations to share with us their knowledge, to broaden the guests knowledge and to embark on a new learning path.

As part of the experiences, guests will be take part in workshops and specialised programs whilst being fully immersed in ‘yarn heaven’. With extensive experience creating unique and exciting programs, we will ensure your time with us will be full of fun, friendship OH! and a yarn or two!

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